Who I Want to Be Challenge Day One and Day Two….

I am challenging myself to be more. I want to be creative and to create businesses.  I’d like to create a legacy for my daughter to see and know that she can accomplish anything.

Day one was sort of busy, but I did manage to focus on my improvement.  I wrote down ten business ideas.  It was harder than I thought.  I have been kicking the same business ideas around in my head for years now.  It’s nice to see them on paper.  At then end of the day I realized writing them down just wasn’t enough.  So I’ll imagine and dream the exclusives of these businesses that will set them apart from the others.  I’ll exhaust all of my thinking power on an idea before moving on to the next idea.

Day Two I feel empowered.  I feel business minded.  As I was crafting a gift for my cousin’s birthday, I began to think of ways to improve the idea, to set myself apart from the 900 other people making things and selling them on the internet.  And two things that I love and appreciate are exclusive details and presentation.  Personalization rather than cookie cutter ideas with insert name here tabs will be the thing that keeps my customer’s attention and their business.  I’m excited and inspired.

Who I Want to Be Challenge Day One and Day Two….

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